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Wholistic Wellness Immersion Retreat

Retreat Daily Theme Highlights

Day 7

Walk & Live Casual and Freely Like a Sabahan!

Day 6
  • The Empowerment of the physical Body
  • Nature's Gifts for All
  • Cleansing Off, Letting Go of Residuals & Rejuvenate
Day 5
  • Immerse into the Multi-Native Cultures & Life of Sabah, North Borneo
  • Rejuvenate, Reenergise & Longevity Immersion of a Lifetime - First in the World!
Day 4
  • Connect to Humanity Globally for Peace & Happiness
  • Feel the Free-Spirited Nature's Flows
  • Meditate for Calmness in Mind, Body, Heart & Soul
  • Feel Nature's Lights of Life
Day 3
  • Feel & Aware You are at the Centre of ASEAN
  • Breath of Life Heals You
Day 2
  • Feel & Experience the Spirits of Mt. Kinabalu
  • Connect to Nature & Converse with Plants
  • 6 Senses of Experiences & Awareness
  • Life Beyond "Self-Imprisonment"
Day 1
  • Fly High, Be Free & Be One with Nature
  • Transmissions to Open All Chakras to Immerse in Rainbow Qi
  • Let go of Auric & Mental Stress
  • Live to 150 years!

Bring home the One-of-a-kind Immersive Wellness Retreat experience and let it be the start of your holistic wellness journey.


See you again in the next IWWCE chapter in 2025/2026!

Limited Availability

Experience holistic wellness retreat like never before. Immerse your senses - mind, body & soul and embrace the transformation.

Day 1 - Natural Poring Hot Spring
  • Group energising & recharging with trees' natural highly vitalised energy
  • Rainbow Lotus Meditation by the Waterfall
  • Self-Healing & Proven Longevity Remedies (GM Dr. Jes TY Lim)
Wellness Retreat Day 1
Virgin Forests & Waterfall Wellness Immersion Experience
June 10th, 2024
Wellness Retreat Day 2
Mountain & Virgin Forests Wellness Immersion Experience
June 11th, 2024
Day 2 - Kinabalu Park, UNESCO
  • Experience nature, feel the energies and of the virgin jungle & "communicate" with trees & plants
  • Deepening Connection between Mental, Emotion and Body with Simple Daily NLP Techniques (Dr. Sivakumar Kumaresan)
Day 3 - Tip of Borneo, Kudat
  • Experience the 10million Qu of LCH3 energy of the symbolic stone at the tip of Borneo and immerse the body, mind & soul into the harmonic energy
  • Breathing Yoga for Natural Self-Healing & Revitalising (Master Chumba Lama)
Wellness Retreat Day 3
Sea & Beach Wellness Immersion Experience
June 12th, 2024
Wellness Retreat Day 4
Beach, Mangrove Wilderness & Sunset Wellness Immersion Experience
June 13th, 2024
Day 4 - Kota Belud
  • Group Mindfulness Meditation
  • River Cruise - Proboscis Monkey & Wildlife
  • Enjoy & Immerse into the Sunset vita energy by the Beach
  • Magnificent Borneo Fireflies
Day 5 - Kota Kinabalu City
  • Experience the traditional multiple cultures of North Borneo
  • Natural energy recharging & Healing immersion at StoneAgeSpa Cultural Park (World's 1st "Living" Rock & Ancient Wellness & Empowerment)
Wellness Retreat Day 5
Borneo Culture & StoneAgeSpa Healing Immersion Experience
June 14th, 2024
Wellness Retreat Day 6
Dance Fitness, Natural Food & Body Pampering Experience
June 15th, 2024
Day 6 - Kota Kinabalu City
  • The Empowerment of the physical Body classes (choose 1 from 3)
  • Green & High Vitality Food as Natural Remedies for Body Wellness (Master Lee)
  • Relaxing Traditional Borneo Massage
Day 7 - Kota Kinabalu City
  • Free & Easy day at Ya'Pi (Kota Kinabalu City) and Experience the Sunday Gaya Street local Entrepreneur's Market Walk.
  • Breathe pristine air from the South China Sea & Gaya Islands Natural Park
  • Optional medical screening
Wellness Retreat Day 7
Free & Easy KK City Immersion Experience
June 16th, 2024

Limited Availability

Experience holistic wellness retreat like never before. Immerse your senses - mind, body & soul and embrace the transformation.


Limited time available for full Retreat? Be rest assured, we’ve got you covered with short wellness excursions!